Colour Run 2015

Think of 2015 like it’s a blank canvas, and let us add a bit of colour to your plans for the year ahead . Children in Crossfire has joined in the world wide phenomena that is said to be the happiest coolest 5k on the planet  and will bring The Colour Run to the banks of The Foyle  on Sunday 22nd March  .

Each runner comes wearing as much white clothes as possible, so  think of yourself a blank canvas and as you run or walk the route each kilometre, colour artists  will be waiting patiently for cover you in wonder powder paints.

So whether you are an experienced runner beginning your marathon training, still on the couch but with a training programming in your hand, or just want to go out with your kids and have some fun, don as much white gear as possible and come join Children in Crossfire on 22nd March.

Registration is £15 per person , £7 per child.

For more information or to register click here.

colour 2.jpg