Building 70

Walled City Brewery

Building 70, The Walled City Brewery
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Building 70, The Walled City Brewery

James and Louise Huey, Walled City Brewery
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James and Louise Huey, Walled City Brewery

Walled City Brewery, opened 15th May
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Walled City Brewery, opened 15th May

Key Information

Facing west on to Ebrington Square, Building 70 has been refurbished as a Craft Brewery and officially opened as The Walled City Brewery on Friday 15th May.

It produces premium quality new world beer, and is a welcome addition to the city's tourism attractions.  Visitors can see the brewing process, taste the beer for themselves and purchase.  The brewery also serves food, with tasting options to accompany the in house beers.  The new venture is set to support six full-time and four part-time jobs.

Building 70 was brought to open market by Ilex, with support from Land & Property Services.  Alongside standard lease terms and conditions, the criteria for identifying suitable businesses incorporated the approach of the One Plan, with the tenant required to demonstrate their approach and commitment to job creation, skills development and environmental sustainability.

Ilex was also careful to ensure that new or expanding businesses were prioritised within this opportunity.  As we continue to develop Ebrington, it is important to ensure that the displacement effect of potential investment is minimised.  This remains central to our approach to all projects coming forward at Ebrington.  

Building 70 has a floor space of 1,905 sq ft (177 sq m).  The internal layout (following minor modification by Ilex) naturally lent itself to two primary internal spaces, joined by a central core providing an entrance/welcome space, incorporating WC facilities and other services to the rear.

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