Building 71

Department for Infrasructure

First Officers’ Mess dating from 1841
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First Officers’ Mess dating from 1841

Key Information

Constructed in Georgian style in 1841, Building 71 is a rendered three storey measuring 4,047 sq ft (376 sq m).  It is a listed building with a slate roof, single storey porch to the front and a two storey return to the rear.

Building 71 has solid stone rubble external walls with painted render finish. A central entrance circulation route provides access to four rooms on each floor.  Two end gable chimneys have render finish. 

Building 71 previously served as the headquarters of Culture Company from August 2011 to March 2014 and the great successes of the 2013 year were delivered from Ebrington.

It is now the new regional headquarters for the Department of the Environment, accommodating 25 staff members including the Chief Planner for Northern Ireland, Marine Services, a Ministerial office and support staff.

Property Location

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