Ilex launches Digital Derry Map

4th April 2014

Ilex, the urban regeneration company has launched a Digital Derry map, showcasing local businesses in the digital and I.T. sector in the city.  The map was launched on Friday at a Creating SMART skills for the NW SMART economy event at St. Mary’s College, the only Microsoft Academy in the city, with key speakers from the U.S. Consulate, Seagate and Microsoft to name a few.


To download the Digital Derry map click here.

Philip Flynn, Ilex’s Chair said:

“The Digital Derry map is an important tool to inform young people of the many career opportunities in the city’s digital and I.T. sector.  More than 50 companies are operating in the sector and this map highlights the growing critical mass of digital and I.T. companies locally.  It will be made available to all local post primary schools and colleges to showcase this vibrant sector and will encourage young people to pursue careers in this exciting and fast moving industry”.

Greg Burton, Consul General, U.S. Consulate Belfast commented:

“In today’s globalized economy, innovation will be key to growth and jobs.  Innovation needs people with the right skills, not only in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), but with an emphasis on STEAM (STEM plus the Arts).  Places like Derry ~Londonderry, with its vibrant creative community, are poised to find their niche in the next wave of innovation which will be fuelled by education and technology.  Success will mean bringing together educators, tech start-ups, policymakers, the creative industries, and the business community to seize these opportunities.  The United States sees this as a win/win for both of our economies”. 

Marie Lindsay, Principal of St. Mary’s College said:

“St Mary’s is delighted to host this event where Ilex launched their Digital Map. It is important that all sectors in the North West, including schools work together to ensure that our young people have the skills necessary to contribute to a vibrant innovative digital economy. The Digital Map will help connect all those who have a role a play”.