5th March 2015

• Northern Ireland’s Peace Bridge over the River Foyle features as a First Class stamp

• Royal Mail vans in Derry/Londonderry will also feature an image of the stamp

• A special Postmark will appear on mail from 5 March to mark the stamp set

• Other bridges featured on the stamps are: Tarr Steps; Row Bridge; Pulteney Bridge; Craigellachie Bridge; Pont Grog y Borth (Menai Suspension Bridge); High Level Bridge; Royal Border Bridge; Tees Transporter Bridge; and Humber Bridge

• The stamps are on sale now and available at, by phone on 03457 641 641 and in 8000 Post Offices across the UK

Northern Ireland’s Peace Bridge over the River Foyle features as a First Class stamp on newly launched Royal Mail stamps today (March 5).

Royal Mail vans working locally in and around Derry~Londonderry will also carry an image of the stamp.

The Bridges stamp issue is aimed at celebrating the leaps in engineering that have seen the UK’s bridges evolve from humble stone crossings to dramatic and symbolic landmarks. 

Spanning the River Foyle in Derry~Londonderry, the Peace Bridge functions not only as an urban route, but also as a work of art. Its ingenuity is expressed through delicacy and elegance.

This unique bridge, constructed for pedestrians and cyclists, was conceived as two distinct structural systems that work in absolute harmony. Completed in 2011 to the designs of Wilkinson Eyre, the Peace Bridge features a pair of tall masts, whose system of cables overlap mid-river to form a symbolic structural ‘handshake’ across the Foyle. The 235-metre-long pathway of this self-anchored suspension bridge provides a promenade and makes connections, while evoking a sense of pride, place and unity.

First Minister Peter Robinson and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said: “We welcome the announcement the Peace Bridge will feature on the latest collection of Royal Mail first class stamps. This stamp will celebrate and raise awareness of this iconic bridge which has not just physically connected two parts of the City but united our people.

“When the bridge was opened in 2011 we hoped it would be a catalyst for change. Now in 2015 the bridge symbolises a new chapter in our history and is viewed not just as a foot bridge but as a beacon of hope.

“The Peace Bridge belongs to everyone and through this initiative we can share it with the world.”

The other bridges featured on the stamps are: Tarr Steps (Exmoor); Row Bridge (Lake District); Pulteney Bridge (Bath); Thomas Telford’s Craigellachie Bridge (Moray); Pont Grog y Borth / Menai Suspension Bridge; Robert Stephenson’s High Level Bridge (Newcastle/Gateshead); Royal Border Bridge (Berwick-upon-Tweed); Tees Transporter Bridge (Middlesbrough); and the Humber Bridge.

Andrew Hammond, Head of Stamps and Collectibles at Royal Mail, said: “The story of Britain’s engineering genius can be found in its bridges. These new stamps celebrate ten beautiful and ground-breaking landmarks that span centuries of our history.”

Royal Mail will also be issuing a special postmark on 5 March to mark the stamp set along with Royal Mail Vans in each bridge location carrying an image of the new stamp.

The ten photographic stamps from locations spanning the whole UK, are arranged chronologically: pre-1600 –Tarr Steps, River Barle; 1700s – Row Bridge, Mosedale Beck; c.1774 – Pulteney Bridge, River Avon; 1814 – Craigellachie Bridge, River Spey; 1826 – Menai Suspension Bridge, Menai Strait; 1849 – High Level Bridge, River Tyne; 1850 – Royal Border Bridge, River Tweed; 1911 – Tees Transporter Bridge, River Tees; 1981 – Humber Bridge, River Humber; 2011 – Peace Bridge, River Foyle. 

The stamps are on sale now and available at, by phone on 03457 641 641 and in 8000 Post Office branches across the UK.

Bridges Peace Bridge 400 Stamp