7th November 2014

First Minister the Rt. Hon. Peter D. Robinson MLA and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA today announced the completion of a £5.5million capital project at Ebrington.

The project includes a 214-space car park, new access to the Belfast and Dublin roads at the King Street roundabout, a development platform establishing a new investment opportunity, and a new link extending the Waterside Greenway and further enhancing walking and cycle routes for the city.

The First Minister Peter Robinson said: “It was a great pleasure for me to attend the official opening of Ebrington Square in 2012 to see at first hand the huge transformation taking place. 

“Today’s completion of this £5.5million project is evidence of the Northern Ireland Executive’s commitment to invest and create employment opportunities in the North West to make life better for everyone.

“Ebrington Square has now become an integral part of Londonderry with the potential to provide high quality office accommodation along with providing a tremendous platform for major events and performances. 

“Only last year I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit the Turner Prize exhibition at Ebrington, the first time that it has been held outside England. The ability to attract major events such as this is proof of Northern Ireland’s ability to deliver on a global stage.”

Commenting on the completion, the deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness said: “I am pleased to announce the completion of this £5.5 million investment in Ebrington. This investment signals our continued commitment to Ebrington, Derry and the North West.

“The site will be a catalyst for job creation, building on the recently announced craft brewery and the café, both scheduled to open in spring 2015. It is imperative the right infrastructure is in place to support our aspirations to attract investment and create jobs for people.

“Along the banks of the Foyle and against the backdrop of our magnificent Peace Bridge, Ebrington really is one of the iconic sites of the city. It is only at its best when it is being utilised and enjoyed by people and this infrastructure improvement will add to the overall experience.”

Philip Flynn, Chair of Ilex explained:  “The car park will serve patrons of Ebrington and will also be used for events on site. Directly above the car park is a development platform. This is a new investment opportunity which could accommodate a building of ca. 75,000 sq ft. In the interim, the platform will add to the high quality public realm with seating areas and views across the Foyle.”

The project also marks the opening of the fourth access to Ebrington and enhances city connectivity by extending the Waterside Greenway which now runs from the railway station to the Peace Bridge and onwards to Foyle Bridge.

The contract was awarded to Co. Derry company BSG Civil Engineering and the project has been delivered at a total cost of £5.5m from OFMDFM.